1. Skeleton ParkSkeleton Park
    Collect all the bones before the dogs catch you!
  2. Castle CatCastle Cat
    Help the cat get as high as possible without getting hurt.
  3. Yetisports 2Yetisports 2
    Throw the penguin as high as possible.
  4. The FisherThe Fisher
    Try to catch all the fish from the lake.
  5. Pucca PursuitPucca Pursuit
    Help Pucca get as many points as possible.
  6. Squirrel SquashSquirrel Squash
    Be the fastest squirrel! Collect nuts and crowns for points.
  7. Pet FeedingPet Feeding
    Guide the kids to feed their favorite pet.
  8. Rock Inside The ClockRock Inside The Clock
    Help the maintenance worker gather all the bolts inside the watch.
  9. SavagesSavages
    Fight against your opponent to become the new chief of the tribe.
  10. Gold Miner VegasGold Miner Vegas
    Help the gold miner get enough money for his trip to Las Vegas.
  11. Bomby BomyBomby Bomy
    Bounce the bombs to bomb the creatures. Stay away from unexploded bombs.
  12. Gafoor The GadhaGafoor The Gadha
    Throw dirt at people to earn points.
  13. Bee DodgerBee Dodger
    Avoid hitting other bees for as long as possible.
  14. Mr Golden Goes Choccie MadMr Golden Goes Choccie Mad
    Deliver the specified number of sweets and watch out for monsters.
  15. Moglin PunterMoglin Punter
    Throw the little animal so that he lands on the cake.
  16. Turkey FlingTurkey Fling
    Fly the turkey for as long as possible. While in the air, click to flap wings and fly further. Eat corn for flap power.
  17. SonnySonny
    Guide Sonny the Chihuahua through the city maze. Avoid the dogcatchers and eat jalapeno to fight them. Clear the city of all food to move on to the next level.
  18. JingleballsJingleballs
    Help Dennis bowl over as many people as possible and get all the gifts he can by running over them.
  19. Virtual Pet GameVirtual Pet Game
    Take care of a virtual kitten.
  20. Spot The DifferenceSpot The Difference
    Spot the differences between the two images.
  21. Net Pet Adopt And PlayNet Pet Adopt And Play
    Adopt a puppy or a kitty and take care of it.
  22. Pipol DestinationsPipol Destinations
    Guide the people to their destinations.
  23. Pelican LostPelican Lost
    You're a pelican and you must fly and get the cars dirty. Ear flying fishes and avoid enemies.
  24. Lemon SmashLemon Smash
    Smash as many lemons as you can.
  25. Flying FishFlying Fish
    Help Fred fly as long as possible and collect pearls.
  26. Throw MeThrow Me
    Send the ball as far as possible.
  27. The ElevatorThe Elevator
    Numbers above the elevator are people who are waiting. Number above the person is his destination floor. Don't let people wait for too long.
  28. Kiss Or MissKiss Or Miss
    Send your kiss as far as possible.
  29. Sky DiveSky Dive
    Navigate to the ground safely, don't hit the birds and try to land in the center.
  30. Rat ShotRat Shot
    Launch the rat as far as possible.
  31. Da ClubDa Club
    Run you own club. Hire a DJ, dancers and advertise.
  32. Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower Defense
    Place your towers so that you destroy as many balloons as possible, before they escape.
  33. The SneeksThe Sneeks
    Cross the finish line first to win. Move only when the wizard is not watching.
  34. Dino BabiesDino Babies
    Take care of the dino babies and feed them so you can get your reward.
  35. Frog RaceFrog Race
    Jump over the obstacles and be the first one to finish the frog race.
  36. Milky ShootMilky Shoot
    Get the baby safe at the end of each level. Watch out for enemies and electricity.

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