1. Go Squirrel GoGo Squirrel Go
    Help the squirrel jump on the clouds as high as possible.
  2. BloonsBloons
    Help the monkey pop the target number of balloons.
  3. Van JelliesVan Jellies
    You have to keep the balance the longest you can.
  4. Beakins Great Mango QuestBeakins Great Mango Quest
    Help Beakins climb to the top of the tree to reach the world's largest mango.
  5. Jumping bananasJumping bananas
    Collect all the bananas to pass each level. Stay away from the bad creatures.
  6. UFO CommandoUFO Commando
    You're a green alien and you must get all the white sheep into the lab teleporter.
  7. Bungee BanditBungee Bandit
    Try to collect the coins as quickly as possible.
  8. Missing In ActionMissing In Action
    Rescue as many soldiers as possible and land the zeppelin in the landing area.
  9. Operation SlapsOperation Slaps
    Slap your opponent's hands as many times as you can. When it's his turn try to defend yourself.
  10. Cannon BodsCannon Bods
    Shoot down the parachuting pirates with pirates of the same kind.
  11. SpamalotSpamalot
    Defend your castle with the animal catapult.
  12. Bubble Bobble 2Bubble Bobble 2
    Destroy all of your enemies to go to the next level.
  13. Granma Chicken Heads DinnerGranma Chicken Heads Dinner
    You have 30 seconds to get 12 chicken heads for Grandma's dinner.
  14. Elite Base JumpElite Base Jump
    Beat your opponents at base jumping.
  15. Base JumpingBase Jumping
    You're taking parachute jumping classes and you have to pass the exam.
  16. Busy BurgerBusy Burger
    You must fill all the orders correctly so that the customers are happy. Hurry up!
  17. Conquer AntarcticaConquer Antarctica
    Command your penguin squad in order to gain power over the Antarctica. Eliminate all the enemy penguins!
  18. Splatman MiniSplatman Mini
    Eat all the dots in your way and clear each level. Avoid the ghosts and earn extra points by collecting the fruits.
  19. Fish TalesFish Tales
    Feed the little fish so that he can grow. But be careful he can only eat smaller fishes.
  20. Funny ZooFunny Zoo
    You're in a Zoo and you're fighting the monkey. Set the right power to throw balls at the monkey. Don't forget about the wind!
  21. Territoy WarTerritoy War
    Destroy your opponents before they kill you!
  22. Penguin JumpPenguin Jump
    Make the penguin jump higher and spin for more points.
  23. BlobzBlobz
    The goal is to explode before your opponent does. Hit the keys alternately to pump yourself up.
  24. Bomb ItBomb It
    This is a bomberman game where you must destroy your opponents so that you can win.
  25. Bird EaterBird Eater
    Feed the eagle to stay alive. Avoid bigger birds, they will eat you!
  26. Angel RunAngel Run
    Keep the angel away from the devil and the fire he throws.
  27. DilberitoDilberito
    Help Dilbert increase his life expectancy by eating good food, exercise and avoiding bad fatty food.
  28. Squirt ManSquirt Man
    A nuclear war has devastated your planet. Everyone has mutated into horrible creatures, including you, but you have big guns to defend yourself.
  29. The Kung Fu StatesmenThe Kung Fu Statesmen
    Kung fu Labour are on a mission. Help them bury the enemies and recover the pages from the manifesto.
  30. Desolation 2  - Bunker of FearDesolation 2 - Bunker of Fear
    You're the only survivor of this virus infection. You have to get out of there alive!
  31. Escape ArtistEscape Artist
    Use the clues on your way to escape the room.
  32. MarksmenMarksmen
    Save the people from the zombies that have invaded the city.
  33. Desolation - Stages of AnxietyDesolation - Stages of Anxiety
    You're the exterminator and you have a house to clean up. You have to get out of there alive!
  34. Daphne's Fight for FashionDaphne's Fight for Fashion
    Help Daphne recover her favorite outfit that someone has stolen.
  35. Kane the NinjaKane the Ninja
    Help Kane the ninja defeat his enemies and rescue the princess.
  36. Telekinetic EricTelekinetic Eric
    Help telekinetic Eric reach the exit in each level. He can move various objects with his power.

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