1. Mr MothballMr Mothball
    Help Mr. Mothball reach the exit in each level. Collect blue balls for points.
  2. Cannon FodderCannon Fodder
    Destroy the enemy cannon as fast as possible.
  3. Xnail Forest GuardXnail Forest Guard
    Help Xnail to stop Cid from cutting the woods.
  4. Stoneage SamStoneage Sam
    Survive as stone age Sam. Solve the tasks in correct order to help Sam succeed.
  5. Sonic in Mario WorldSonic in Mario World
    Sonic got lost in Mario world and you must help him get out of there.
  6. Mafia Driver KillerMafia Driver Killer
    You're a mafia driver. Try to complete your task.
  7. Mafia DriverMafia Driver
    You're a mafia driver. Try to collect all the information you can to arrest them.
  8. Rush RaceRush Race
    Driving a top-secret car, you are up against a mad scientist - Doctor Villante. Reach the end of the level, destroying your enemies.
  9. Action Driving GameAction Driving Game
    Guide the tricked-out BMW to the Eiffel Tower completing Frank's latest job as The Transporter. Collect the money bags!
  10. Tak Juju Challenge RaceTak Juju Challenge Race
    Win the race in the jungle to go to the next level.
  11. KGB HunterKGB Hunter
    You have to hunt down all the enemies. Shoot the cars and try not to get shot.
  12. Baby BlimpBaby Blimp
    As we all know babies are delivered by storks! They work in a huge Blimp floating around in the sky. In Baby Blimp you are the stork manager, responsible for the baby production line as well as the baby distribution above several towns and cities.
  13. Presidential PoundingPresidential Pounding
    Knock the opponent out of the election.
  14. City Under SiegeCity Under Siege
    Your task is to destroy all tanks and protect the command center.
  15. Magnet FaceMagnet Face
    Billy has been captured by aliens! Help him escape and collect as much cheese as possible.
  16. Secret AgentSecret Agent
    In 1940 Allied cryptologists intercepted a secret and important war message. The secret agent must go and find the encrypting machine enigma and transmitter and find the pieces of the map.
  17. Tak Moonstone MadnessTak Moonstone Madness
    To become the champion of the Pupununu, Tak must collect the required amount of moonstones in every level.
  18. Ninja QuestNinja Quest
    You're the last ninja warrior and you must save the princess. Defeat all your enemies!
  19. CyborgCyborg
    You are a cyborg chick and you are set to destroy all enemies. Kill all creatures to proceed to the next level.
  20. FWG KnightFWG Knight
    Dragons and their evil servants have invaded your kingdom. Destroy this menace before they conquer your lands.
  21. Undercover OpsUndercover Ops
    Blend in and kill the enemies.
  22. Potty Mouth NinjaPotty Mouth Ninja
    You must help little ninja get money to be able to pay for the massage. You can move barrels and find scrolls to receive spirit balls that can attack masks to move them.
  23. AchillesAchilles
    You are the great warrior Achilles and you must fight the enemies.
  24. Black Beak's Treasure CoveBlack Beak's Treasure Cove
    Find the bottled message at the end of each level to find out where to go next.
  25. No VacancyNo Vacancy
    Help Natasha find and destroy Lubek's laboratory.
  26. Ninja RampageNinja Rampage
    A true ninja must never be seen. Kill the enemies and watch out for traps.
  27. Fratboy Girlfriend DefenseFratboy Girlfriend Defense
    Defend your girlfriend by placing towers in the green areas to destroy enemy units.
  28. Mission to MarsMission to Mars
    You must succeed you mission on Mars. Take the energy and the key and put them in the right place.
  29. Balance BallsBalance Balls
    Balance the red ball. If it falls off it's Game Over. How long can you survive?
  30. Travel SickTravel Sick
    You are a tourist and you must survive each trip.
  31. Dangerous DescentDangerous Descent
    You must go in the underground and save the magical creatures.
  32. Turtle Odyssey 2Turtle Odyssey 2
    Collect all the coins and diamond and try to avoid the snails.
  33. Valencia SurehunterValencia Surehunter
    Collect treasures and ancient objects and defeat your enemies!
  34. Zorro TankZorro Tank
    Use the tank to destroy all the enemies in your way.
  35. The Squirrel Family LabyrintThe Squirrel Family Labyrint
    Help the squirrel in the ship to get to the exit but don't touch the walls.
  36. James Bomb 2James Bomb 2
    You must kill all the monsters with your bombs.

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