1. Party InterruptedParty Interrupted
    Help Juniper Lee find Racatan in time.
  2. Alias 2Alias 2
    Artificial lifeforms attack must be stopped!
  3. Sword TournamentSword Tournament
    Choose the fighter and defeat all your oponents.
  4. Indiana Jones In The Odd WorldIndiana Jones In The Odd World
    You must pick up all the crystals to go to the next level.
  5. Prison BreakoutPrison Breakout
    Try to escape the prison and don't start the alarm.
  6. Bang AdventureBang Adventure
    Try to keep the helicopter flying as long as possible and avoid mines.
  7. Fancy Pants Adventure 2Fancy Pants Adventure 2
    Try to finish each level by collecting shells and killing the spiders.
  8. Fancy Pants AdventureFancy Pants Adventure
    Try to finish each level by collecting shells and killing the spiders.
  9. GalanGalan
    Destroy all the monsters and save the village.
  10. FA18 Strike ForceFA18 Strike Force
    Guide the hunting plane to defeat the enemies.
  11. EggsterminatorEggsterminator
    You must take back the eggs as soon as possible.
  12. Ninja ShowdownNinja Showdown
    Fight the enemy and win.
  13. Flatbread ExpressFlatbread Express
    Create, cook and serve up delicious food for the hungry customers.
  14. Digital SwitchDigital Switch
    Switches the bots around to collect the colored coins.
  15. Pebble DashPebble Dash
    Throw the pebble as far as you can! There are 15 locations waiting for you! Good Luck!
  16. Mario SunshineMario Sunshine
    Try to collect coins and get to the end of each level.
  17. Prince of PersiaPrince of Persia
    Stop the Vizier from releasing the Sands of Time.
  18. Little LokiLittle Loki
    You have to escape hell by avoiding enemies and gathering lives.
  19. Xiao Xiao FightXiao Xiao Fight
    Fight the enemies and beat them.
  20. Harry the HamsterHarry the Hamster
    Help Harry the hamster find the 10 components of the golden wheel. If something is blocking the way you need the right object to solve the problem.
  21. Freaky FunFreaky Fun
    Avoid monsters and collect coins and stars.
  22. Angry WizardAngry Wizard
    You must kill the phantoms and get your pills to survive.
  23. Gandy QuestGandy Quest
    Help Gandy find his pipe. Watch out for enemies and get the money.
  24. AirfoxAirfox
    Shoot the enemy ships and get the ammo and supplies.
  25. Santa's CannonSanta's Cannon
    Help Santa Deliver the Presents across the world with his cannon.
  26. Snowman StackerSnowman Stacker
    Toss and stack snowballs to make the tallest snowman.
  27. Cell OutCell Out
    Hit the white balls with your white ring, avoiding the red balls.
  28. One Man BandOne Man Band
    Drag the instruments onto the stage and build your very own one man band!
  29. BackfireBackfire
    Click, hold and rotate to deflect the balls fired at you to destroy the turrets.
  30. Parachute PlunderParachute Plunder
    Fly the parachute through the islands to land safely.
  31. A Day of SlackingA Day of Slacking
    Eat, drink and avoid work at all costs.
  32. Egg RunEgg Run
    Collect the twig and get to the base of the ladder in as few moves as possible.
  33. Monster BashMonster Bash
    The more monsters you hit the more points you score. Miss 10 monsters and lose a life.
  34. Monster SumoMonster Sumo
    Win 2 out of 3 games to proceed to next level!
  35. Starship SevenStarship Seven
    Pilot your ship safely through the levels.
  36. Starship ElevenStarship Eleven
    Choose from two spaceships and explore over 30 strange worlds.

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